The Network

The 2023 activities began with the election of the new board as established by the agreement signed by the members: the representatives of MUG, Urban Hub Piacenza, BIC Granarolo and TECH UP/REI were elected and the board is chaired by ART-ER. The network, through ART-ER, has become a partner of the Invitalia network and participates in the board of the Social Innovation Monitor.

Support for internationalization processes and international networking opportunities

a series of international visits was organized in London and Paris dedicated to regional incubators and accelerators and carried out in partnership with SMAU International. The study visits were held in Paris, from 22-24/3 and in London, from 2-4/5


The Investor Day was held in the framework of R2B 2023 (June 8th). The best 12 startups of the network were presented at the event, selected by the network itself and accompanied in a pitch preparation process. The Mentorboard meeting was hosted at the Lamborghini headquarters. As already successfully tested for the organization of the Investor Day, the network of incubators and accelerators was encouraged to identify the best startups to apply for the event, selecting them among those most suitable for meeting industrial partners. The INER network board was also involved in the organization of the Bologna Gathering, a side event of Tech Chill Milano, held in September. Finally, an event was held at Le Village in Parma to present the ecosystem of incubators and startups to Invitalia representatives.