Activity 2021

The Network

MUG and Lugo Next Lab have joined in-ER bringing the network to 28 members, of which 4 are certified incubators according to Italian legislation. During the plenary meetings, in-ER explored some of the main fields of interest for incubators and accelerators, such as the Horizon Europe calls, the new Emilia-Romagna Innovative Startup report (issued by ART-ER), the new regional call for innovative startups and Smart Money (promoted by Invitalia).

The Board

To date, the network's board is made up of the representatives of Democenter - Modena, dPixel - Bologna, Le Village - Parma, Open Accelerator-Reggio Emilia, Urban Hub Piacenza and delle Serre of ART-ER. The board set up the activities of 2021 on some main tracks, including the strengthening of the Mentorboard as a development tool for the startups of the in-ER network, the growth of the in-ER brand through a new communication strategy integrated with the other regional tools and in particular with EmiliaRomagnaStartup, the scouting, analysis and information activities on European funds.

Virtual Study Visits

Two meetings have been organized with the aim of sharing good practices and opening opportunities for internationalization: with the SkyDeck accelerator of the University of Berkeley (US), with which ART-ER signed a cooperation protocol, and with the BIND 4.0 open innovation program based in the Basque Country (Spain). There are two more virtual meetings, scheduled in November and December at Accelerate Okanagan in Canada and in December at bw-i in Germany.


Represented by ART-ER, in-ER participated in the presentations of the report on the Italian incubators of the SIM - Social Innovation Monitor, strengthening relations with virtuous ecosystems and with the Innovup network; it was also presented during meetings with UBI Global and SERN (Startup Europe Regions Network). Also noteworthy is the involvement of all in-ER incubators in the mapping of startups supported by regional incubators, preparatory to the definition of the architecture of the regional call for innovative startups 2021.

Other projects

in-ER was one of the promoters of the Mentorboard 2021 event. On September 30, the startups presented by the in-ER network had the opportunity to present themselves in the context of the meeting, in front of a virtual audience made up of some of the most relevant entrepreneurs and regional managers. The organization of the in-ER Investor Day, an event scheduled for November 26, is underway: a match between the best startups in the network and a pool of formal and informal investors.