Activity 2022

The Network

The mapping of regional bodies providing acceleration / incubation services, carried out in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino (SIM - Social Incubation Monitor), highlighted 38 public and private organizations active in Emilia-Romagna. 32 are members of the in-ER network and signed the new agreement. Plenary meetings have been dedicated to discuss topics as the Italian ecosystem of Incubators and Accelerators, opportunities deriving from the Italian Recovery Plan and to the new regional policies for startup support.

Study Visit

The 2022 activities have been dedicated to support internationalization processes and international networking opportunities for incubators, through a program of international visits to Berlin, London and Paris carried out in partnership with SMAU International.
As regards the benchmark with foreign ecosystems, the experience of the Startup Genome was deepened and discussed.


Represented by ART-ER, in-ER took part in meetings dedicated to the Italian incubators of the SIM - Social Innovation Monitor, strengthening relations with virtuous ecosystems and with the Innovup network. The support system for regional startups and in particular the in-ER network was presented during an international workshop organized by OECD: “Improving the regional institutional environment. What helps firms grow in regions".

Mentorboard and Investor Day 2022

As in previous editions, in-ER was one of the promoters of the Mentorboard 2022 event, held on June 8 in Bologna. Each incubator presented the application of 2 innovative startups and, of these, 11 were selected by the Mentors and had the opportunity to present themselves at the event.
The second edition of the in-ER Investor Day was hosted by the Tech Up Accelerator in Reggio Emilia. The event, held in December 6, was high participated (+90 attendees) and was a matchmaking opportunity between the best startups in the network and a pool of formal and informal investors (Angels, VCs, etc).